About Sakura Budokan

Dedicated to: The Preservation and Dissemination

of Traditional Japanese Budo and Bujutsu

Sakura Budokan Was Established In 1989, Kingston, Pa 18704.

What is a traditional martial art?

Traditional martial arts are quite different than the ‘Modern eclectic forms” of sport karate or MMA that have become popularized today. The emphasis in Traditional budo is placed on studying combat tested techniques that were developed by actual warriors of days gone by. The traditions and techniques of the founders of the arts are preserved. Unlike “Modern eclectic forms,” where the techniques have been altered in order to conform to the modem instructors’ idea of what combat might be, Traditional Budo retains the original attitude, philosophy and technique. At Sakura Budokan Traditional martial arts are presented through six different martial arts. Self defense, character building, healthy exercise and meditation infuse you with confidence, self esteem, longevity and peace of mind. All Traditional martial arts will imbue these attributes. Yet each martial art expresses its unique approach to achieving these goals. The founders of the martial arts created different roads “DO”, to reach the intended pinnacle of martial arts training, self actualization. Each art is a separate road to success

Personal Choice

No one knows you better than you. The martial arts can be grouped as internal or external, hard style or soft style, empty hand or weapons art. The choices are yours. Classes are offered at various times to suite a variety of schedules. Most students train approx. two times per week. Male and female students train together as well as beginner and advanced students. Private lessons are available although not recommended for beginning students. Tuition will vary according to the number of arts studied.

Classes Offered Here At Sakura Budokan

Certified Instructors


All instructors are certified by national and international organizations that govern their particular art-form. We frequently host seminars and clinics with instructors who are considered national treasures. As in any other field of endeavor, the more you are exposed to the “Best,” the better you will become.

Your instructor will be your model and connection to the rest of the martial arts world.

You want a teacher and school that is certified by AUTHENTIC Japanese martial arts organizations and authorities.


Miura Takeyuki Hidefusa, Hanshi

We Demonstrate For Members Of Japans Royal Family

Demonstration of Kenjutsu by Masayuki Shimabukuro, Hanshi and Carl Long, Shihan.

Filmed in Hiroshima, Japan.



Here at Sakura Budokan we have the best matted floor in Northeast PA.


Dojo Kun

Our focus in all Martial Arts training at Sakura Budokan:

To seek to attain perfection of character
To live with politeness and discipline
To honor a code of ethical behavior
To strive for excellence through effort
To refrain from impetuous conduct


Dojo Address:

390 Tioga Ave.
Kingston, Pa 18704

Sakura Budokan is the Jikishin-Kai East Coast Dojo