Dale Bruns

2nd Dan Aikido. 2nd Dan Jodo

Dr. Bruns began his martial arts training in Tomiki Aikido. Since relocating to northeast PA., with his wife Christina and daughters Tess and Anna, he has continued his study of Aikido and Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo at Sakura Budokan.

Professor, GeoEnvironmental Sciences and Engineering: RGIS-Wilkes, College of Science and Engineering

Dr. Bruns received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Arizona State University and Idaho State University, respectively. He was an environmental scientist for seven years with EG&G Idaho, Inc., a prime contractor at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Idaho National Engineering Laboratory. His work at the national lab involved research in environmental monitoring and assessment and he served as a network facilitator for seven national labs regarding integration of environmental databases. At present, he is Dean of the College of Science and Engineering at Wilkes University. Dr. Bruns has taught a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses at four different academic institutions; these courses have ranged from Aquatic Ecology, Water Pollution Ecology, and Environmental Toxicology to Geographic Information Systems, and Environmental Data Analysis. His research program encompasses environmental monitoring in Chile and China at Biosphere Reserves and a major watershed study (on an American Heritage River) to characterize environmental landscape features and river water quality based on GIS, GPS, and remote sensing. Dr. Bruns has over 45 technical publications, has been a member of a National Academy of Sciences subcommittee, is on the editorial board of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, and has served on review panels for NSF, EPA, and DOE. He recently co-chaired a regional task force on technical and geospatial needs for Homeland Security.

Dale Bruns & His Daughter Tess Practicing Aiki Jo Kata

Dale Bruns & His Daughter Tess Practicing Aiki Jo Kata