Kagami Fall 2015

Welcome to the Fall 2015 Issue of Kagami! Here in the Northeast, we are experiencing a glorious autumn, with bright sunny days and brilliant colours as the leaves put on yet another incredible display! But those days go fast at this time of year, and while we’ve already had a hint of snow here, it will be flying (for some of us!) in earnest before we know it.

Speaking of things coming up quickly, the 2015 KNBK Gasshuku, to be held at Split Rock Lodge & Resort in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania is right around the corner! The Gasshuku will be from November 20 through the 22nd, but it’s not too late to register, so if you have not yet done so, please register at knbk.org! Please remember that this is not a Koshukai(instructor training) event, but rather is an event that offers training for all practitioners at all levels of experience, in all disciplines represented by the KNBK, including Iaijutsu, Kenjutsu, Jojutsu, and Karate-do. Participants may train in all arts, or a few, or even focus on one if they so desire!

Please also remember to register for the celebratory banquet, to be held on Saturday evening, November 21st! Also, rooms had been reserved at Split Rock Lodge & Resort for a reduced rate, but at this point in time, we recommend that you check with them for availability.

This is sure to be a great weekend of Budo training and camaraderie! We look forward to seeing you next month!

As for this issue of Kagami, you will notice that this time, most articles specifically pertain to KNBK-related events and seminars that were held in various locations, dating from last spring until very recently. As such, they have been arranged in chronological order. We thank everyone who contributed their time and effort in preparing articles for this issue. As ever, each one of you is invited to contribute your thoughts and experiences regarding training and events associated with the KNBK and look forward to including them in upcoming issues.

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