Kids Karate Program

Karate class for kids 6 – 12 yrs.

At Sakura Budokan, we teach Kids how to fly!

Karate-do is a Japanese term which generally translates as “Empty Hand Way.” Although Karate-do is known to be an effective form of self-defense, it is also an equally effective form of mental and physical self-improvement, for adults and children alike. Through regular Karate-do training, the mind and body work together to become a unified force for self-protection. Karate-do training also provides vigorous exercise from which one can improve muscular and cardiovascular development as well as improving balance, coordination and reflexes. Karate class for kids.

At Sakura Budokan, we teach Kids how to fly!
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Practicing the martial arts can benefit children in many ways…

  •      Improve self-esteem.
  •      Enhance coordination.
  •      Increase focus.
  •      Cultivate leadership skills.
  •      Reinforce such values as honesty, respect, and integrity. 

At Sakura Martial Arts it is our goal to help our junior students to realize their full potential through the application of the martial arts code of honor, sincerity and respect.

Through the use of fun drills and stimulating martial arts maneuvers, each Junior Karate class focuses on teaching students…

  •    Practical Martial Arts skills.
  •    Physical fitness.
  •    Mental dexterity.

Sakura Martial Arts is a street smart dojo. We are not a sparring school. We do not believe in training our junior students to accept hits nor to punch and kick only to specific areas of the body. We teach our students real life skills that they can use to defend themselves in any situation. Karate class for kids.

Sakura Budokan also places a great emphasis on teaching our students to extend their discipline outside of the dojo. The martial arts should influence a child’s manners, social interaction, and the way he or she approaches schoolwork.


“An education in the martial arts is the best investment you can make for your child.”