Kagami Early/Spring Summer 2015

Hello and welcome to the Spring/Early Summer 2015 issue of Kagami! Here in the Northeast, it almost seemed that Spring would never come, with over two feet of snow on the ground throughout the months of February March and a few snowfalls well into April. However, with the onset of May, spring pretty well exploded! Now into July and the midst of summer, and our record-setting winter has faded from our memories. This issue of Kagami features a range of articles, including reports on the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai (DNBK) 50th Anniversary America Butoku Sai and Gasshuku in Virginia Beach, Virginia. We also have included a post by Carl E. Long, Hanshi and associated information/ registration forms for the Fifth DNBK World Butoku Kai to be held Kyoto, Japan in April 2016. Long Sensei has stated that it is imperative that anyone who is interested in participating in this event contact Hombu Dojo by the end of June. There have also been a number of significant KNBK events that have taken place this Spring that we haven’t reported on in this issue, including the Second Annual Shimabukuro Memorial Budo Festival held in San Diego, California in April, the KNBK Spring Gasshuku and Koshukai in Bakersfield, California, and the 2015 United Kingdom KNBK Seminar, held in Kent in the UK. We have already begun to receive articles about these and other KNBK events, so be sure to look for them in the next issue of Kagami!

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